10 Stuffs about Ragnarok Online 2


And here it is! The English, South-East Asian version of Ragnarok Online 2 makes it Open Beta today! At 3PM (GMT +8) sharp, gamers by the thousands will flock into the servers, probably causing a crash. While you’re trying to log in, or waiting for the time to enjoy the game, how about reading up about 10 stuffs you probably didn’t know about RO2!

  • Before the current iteration of Ragnarok Online 2 : Legend of Second, there was a failed attempt by gravity at making the sequel of Ragnarok Online, titled “The Gate of the World”.
  • In the failed version of RO2, they had intended to make 3 races for players to choose from. However, this was not in line with the first RO.
  • This is the milestone in RO2! The first English Open Beta in the world!
  • The blacksmith class has been removed totally! (No more Cart Swings T_T)
  • You still can sell your stuffs though! You can be an NPC when you’re offline, to offer services/goods. This is in collaboration with your “Life Job”.
  • There is an upcoming RACE that is planned with two new job classes! The race and job classes offer more options and possibilities!
  • The Ellr and Dimago races from Ragnarok Online 2 : The Gate of the World will not make a comeback to the game anymore.
  • The new race that will be added in is a mixture of the Ellr and Dimago race.
  • War of Emperium (WoE, the reason why we stay to play!), will be implemented in the future. The Korean version of RO2 will have it in April next year!
  • There will not be open PVP. All PVP has to be mutual. There’s the usual PVP Coliseum, the extravagant Battlefield, and the simple 1v1!

Since you’ve read this far, here’s one more ‘stuff’ for you!

  • There will be more content coming up in the near future, for both RO & RO2! However, that doesn’t mean you should wait for them! Go out there and play!



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